From The President's Desk


Welcome to the Vytautas Aid Society and its website. 

   The Vytautas Aid Society had its beginnings in Lithuanian community pride in the North West side of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Beginning in the year 1908, people in Grand Rapids of Lithuanian descent gathered monthly to parade with other ethnic groups in downtown Grand Rapids.   In a demonstration of their Lithuanian pride, they would parade in white uniforms with a tunic (representing the Christian cross) to commemorate the stand of the Lithuanians under King Vytautas at Tannenberg.  During one such parade in 1910 the participants managed to rent horses from the Street Railway Company of Grand Rapids for the hefty sum of $3.00 per horse.  The parade participants became known as the “Lithuanian Lancers” and earned a second place finish among all the presenting ethnic groups.  After the parade, the Lancers gathered together to celebrate their heritage and second place finish.  Subsequently the group met again and organized a civil society under a charter.  In English the civil society was named the Vytautas Aid Society.  In Lithuanian the civil society was called “Lietuviu Guardija, Vytauto Didzijo, Lietuvos Kunigaiks Didviriu”. 

                From  its inception, the Vytautas Aid Society has had as its mission fostering Lithuanian culture,  promoting Christian living, advancing social interaction among members, and making contributions to charitable organizations in the community.  To this day it remains the primary mission of the Society.   Individuals of any degree of Lithuanian ancestry or interest in helping the society in its mission are urged to contact the Society.

Thank you for your interest in the Vytautas Aid Society

James Visota